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The path is a long one that finally leads a translation of a text to its new destination.

Reas: “Like early twentieth-century collages built from the media of that time, and (comparable to) mid 20th century video collage, Signal to Noisefractures and distorts contemporary information into new data structure”.

For 100% Gray Coverage, Reas developed a newer more evolved collage engine to create imagery: the video is completely abstract and moves at a rapid pace.

Above that, the video-documentation shows a reflexion on translation – and becomes by this a translation itself.

–JORN EBNER— A selection of 10 electronic drawings for artist book with two essays commissioned by Dr. Ralf Adelmann about the structure of the landscape, Jorn Internet-escapes explores the possibilities of media design, interpretation of the line, the point and the plane in the context of digital arts, where these elements are configured from the pixel work’s resolution and how this can be set from the number of pixels per inch to the conceptual dimensions versus procedure in respect of the drawing.

However, rudiments of what remind the viewer of television images appear occasionally, and the speed with which animation and colour sequences change recalls quick channel surfing.