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The site does not allow advertising or promotion of any brands.By browsing the forums I’ve found information on low cost options, which brands of hearing aid are best, how to avoid scams and ripoffs, how to find a reputable audiologist and much more.Here’s another thing I learned: The reason 80 percent of hard of hearing Americans find hearing aids too pricey to bother with might have something to do with the fact that they’re sold by only a few companies that keep a monopolistic control over the prices.

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Tip: Audicus is currently running a special where if you buy two you get the controller for free.

Use the code ‘remote’ at checkout if you buy 2 a Notes.

If you’re shopping for hearing aids, it’s worth your while to spend some time surfing the forums, reading up on various brands and topics.

If you want an answer to a specific question, try the forum’s search engine or type the topic plus “hearing aid forums” into Google.

The main reasons the store’s prices are low, according to a forum member, is that audiologists earn a commission when they make a sale.