Accommodating travelling showpeople in england

More information about FFT can be found on their website at: Friends , Families and Travellers The TAA and appendices are available to view here: Traveller Accommodation Assessment (TAA) September 2014 [2Mb] Traveller Accommodation Assessment (TAA) September 2014 Appendices [3Mb]The Council has completed a call for sites exercise for traveller accommodation, which will help identify land that may be available in Runnymede to help meet future needs. Sites put forward for consideration will be assessed in line with a site assessment methodology for travellers.

The methodology for assessing sites can be found in this document: Site Assessment Methodology (Accommodation for Travellers) [1Mb].

It should be noted that the methodology has also been formulated in consultation with representatives of the travelling community and travellers themselves who reside in Surrey.

The Surrey Methodology can be accessed using the following link: Preparing Travellers' Accommodation Assessments (TAAs) - The Surrey Approach (April 2012) [485kb]The Council employed Friends, Families and Travellers to carry out face to face interviews with the Borough's Travelling community as part of the TAA work between March and May 2013.

Runnymede fell within the area covered by the North Surrey Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment 2006-2016 (April 2007) [917kb].