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If students have questions about recipes or allergens, all foods served by Michigan Dining are listed on My Nutrition, a tool that allows students to preview menus and screen for allergens.

Raleigh, NC – 34,000 Students North Carolina State University’s dining services take their allergy-friendly focus to an ingredient level.

For students that subscribe to gluten free or special diets, UConn offers a full team to plan meals including the Assistant Director of Residential Dining, a Dining unit Manager, a Production Chef, the registered dietitian, and the Area Manager of Culinary Development.

With each residential dining unit stocking gluten free items and a full gluten free menu available at the Food Court, The University of Connecticut doesn’t simply accommodate its large community of gluten free students, staff and faculty: it celebrates them.

A dining hall staff that is fully trained by Aller Train support NC State’s transparent ingredient policies and clear labeling.