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Lawyers acting on behalf of Jacksons widow would eventually settle a case with the exclusive Anglican private school where the alleged sexually abused had taken place.

The undisclosed settlement was believed to be in the vicinity of $250,000 but no amount of money could ever make up for the loss of her husband under such tragic circumstances.

The teacher involved was Ossie Mc Namara, a former Catholic Marist brother who had previously been convicted for indecently dealing with a boy at a Brisbane school and had also been charged with assault and indecently dealing with a male arising from his time at St Josephs College in Queensland in the 1970s.

Mc Namara confessed to molesting Jackson and said he felt guilty about it after being told that the abuse had tormented Jackson later in life.

He even tried to contact Jackson after his 1989 wedding but Jacksons wife, Siobhan, had told him to "never to approach [Jackson] again". "Jackson was something very special to me and it just got out of hand...