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In this area, our two countries maintain strong relations which were institutionalized by a cooperation agreement signed in 1964 and updated via the signing of a letter of intent in February 2016 as part of the visit of the President of the French Republic to Argentina.

Our cooperation, which remains strong, has in recent years seen celebrations for the 50th anniversary of General de Gaulle’s visit to Argentina (2014), the bicentenary of Argentinian independence (2016) and an extensive programme of events.

AR (Masters Scholarships and stays in laboratories for Argentinians). In recent years, four international laboratories, a joint international unit and two French-Argentinian centres have been set up.

In addition, furthering the bringing closer together of French and Argentinian institutions has led to the signing of new cooperation agreements (mathematics research institutions, civil nuclear cooperation, etc.).

Our historical, diversified and high-quality relations, especially regarding science and culture, were further strengthened by the President of the French Republic’s State visit to Argentina in February 2016.