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ANDY: The little voice at the end after all the fireworks go off, courtesy of the same BBC sound effects record, is a tape that John Leckie had. At the end of the thing there's a phone-in where they invite people to phone in and comment on the song, and there's this marvellous guy who phones in, with this Woody Allen voice, and he is really outraged... " So we thought this was marvellous and we nailed him on the end of "My Love Explodes". Since that time, XTC have hired drummers for recording sessions. Prairie also drums on a few tracks on Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2).

He was in New York a little while ago, and had his radio cassette player going and he was tuned into this ludicrous New York radio station where this chap was singing this rather... So the strange "Woody Allen" voice is a very irate New Yorker who's commenting on the song "Hey, go f... DAVE: In fact, if you want to hear more of the original version, at the end of side 2 [at the end of "Mole From The Ministry"] on the run-out grooves, if you've got a record player capable of playing it, you'll hear spinning backwards at twice the speed, a snatch of this gentleman's song in its original form. He called every other show on that station in the 80s. Peter Phipps drums on the majority of Mummer and on The Big Express. Pat Mastelotto, from Mister Mister, plays acoustic and electronic drums and percussion on Oranges & Lemons.

The only track that does not appear anywhere but on Beeswax is the extended version of “Hang On To The Night” which is only 6 seconds longer than the version on the White Music album. Haydn Bendall and Nick Davis produced Apple Venus Volume 1.

John A Lane adds: The "ludicrous New York radio station" is WBAI FM a Pacifica Foundation left-wing listener-sponsored station. Dave Mattacks, from Fairport Convention, drums on Nonsvch.

This is the ONLY station in NY that would ever play that sort of song! Brian Doherty drums on “Cherry In Your Tree”, from the Carmen Sandiego Out Of This World compilation album.

Chris Sharrock drums on “The Good Things”, found on A Testimonial Dinner — The Songs of XTC.

Chuck Sabo drums on the majority of Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2). What's the story with “Dear God” and “Mermaid Smiled” on Skylarking?

Unsere Dameneinzel haben sich in harten Matches durchgesetzt.