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"I got a new curve this year," softly murmured Henderson yesterday, "and I'm goin' to pitch one or two of them tomorrow.I call it the Jazz ball because it wobbles and you simply can't do anything with it." As prize fighters who invent new punches are always the first to get their's [sic] Ben will probably be lucky if some guy don't [sic] hit that new Jazzer ball a mile today.You can also launch your webcam and have hot cybersex.

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Jism, or its variant jizz (which, however, is not attested in the Historical Dictionary of American Slang until 1941), has also been suggested as a direct source for jazz.

A direct derivation from jism is phonologically unlikely.

As discussed in more detail below, jazz began as a West Coast slang term around 1912, the meaning of which varied but it did not initially refer to music.

Jazz came to mean jazz music in Chicago around 1915.

Although they cannot be ruled out absolutely, such derivations lack empirical supporting evidence and must be considered speculative at best, and highly improbable in the case of Cassidy's work.