dating should not be allowed until 17 - Bible verse on dating

The stakes are high on both sides, and the pressure and fear that invariably accompanies those stakes very likely will not be resolved in the dating process.Dating is an emotional complexity we were not intended to endure for long.If it made sense, or it was easy, or it wasn’t soul-splittingly uncomfortable, there would be no propulsion forward, towards marriage or otherwise. Uncertainty is the soil of the Psalms (Psalm ; 88:3).

When couples move past the awkward first-date phase of a relationship, many face a new and unsettling tension between strong romantic feelings and the reality that they are not yet married.

They ask themselves, “What does a relationship look like with someone who is neither my spouse nor my fiancé?

In dating, disappointment exists in the form of breaking up.

In marriage and parenting, the disappointments and pains can be much more devastating, and sometimes even permanent.

” How does one practice vulnerability without any security, any promises, any covenant?