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If you take the blowjob and can’t shoot your wad in a few minutes, you’ll most likely be finished off with a handy anyway.

Note that you cannot change your girl after choosing in the beginning. A quirky announcement in a mixture of English and Japanese will set the mood.

This is followed by some typical club music and then the entrance of the first girl.

You’d have to be blind to miss it (though I think even our sight impaired brothers would be able to feel the warmth given off by the truly massive signage).

Guys who prefer to travel Macau by taxi should note that the Chinese name of Familia Nobre is Hao Men (pronounced a lot like “how moon”). Even if they don’t they’ll probably just pretend like they do until they accidentally run into it anyway, so no worries either way.

Hardly the hottest women Familia Nobre Sauna has to offer, this picture still gives you an idea of what the lounge and some of the friendly full service ladies on staff look like.[/caption]Dollar for dollar, Familia Nobre is probably the best of all of the amazing men’s saunas in Macau in my opinion. Those with navigational issues will be happy to know that there is a gigantic neon sign over the entrance bright enough to indicate the location from quite a distance.