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The only fuselage was his body, belly down towards the earth.

He casually told us he used to be 'a bit of a daredevil' but doesn't now take unnecessary risks.

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Carbon dating on man made objects

The 49-year-old aviator flew at up to 125mph after jumping from a plane 8,200ft above France.

The Swiss adventurer stood on the White Cliffs of Dover after flying from France with a jet-propelled wing on his back and declared: 'It's like a dream come true.'He parachuted into an English field 22 miles from Calais 13 minutes after takeoff.

Rossy reviewed safety measures before take-off in Calais, especially important as his jet-propelled wing needs to be ignited while still inside the plane.

He had never flown for longer than 10 minutes and his wing weight and measurements were precise, with even the addition of a tiny camera possibly affecting how long he could stay in the air.

Birdman Yves Rossy powered into the record books yesterday with a remarkable cross-Channel flight - and a grin almost as big as his wingspan.