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Australia and New Zealand sent troops to assist the Mother Country in its hour of need.

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The parade was led by members of the police force, on foot, horse, and bicycle to clear the streets of well-wishers, followed by members of the reception committee. Along the parade route, homes and stores were bedecked with flags, bunting and streamers.

Store fronts and window displays were also decorated in patriotic themes. Masson’s stores were lit with electrical lights with Queen Victoria’s cypher, “V. The Ottawa Electric Company building on the corner of Sparks and Elgin Streets was draped in bunting, flags and strands of electric lights. Story written by James Powell, the author of the blog Today in Ottawa's History.

In the fighting, the British forces sustained more than 1,400 casualties, of which 348 men died.

Thirty-one Canadian soldiers lost their lives in the battle, including two Ottawa men. Boer losses amounted 350 killed or wounded and 4,019 captured.

A crowd of 30,000 saw the volunteers off “to defend the honour of Britain.” Many Ottawa residents took a special train to Quebec City to see their boys off on the Sardinian for South Africa on 30 October 1899.