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Supported carriers are Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost, Alltel, Virgin Mobile, and US Cellular.) To opt out of all Bravo mobile text campaigns, text STOP to 27286.

Full episodes for the available Bravo original series are typically available the day after they air on television. If you want to watch full episodes on via your desktop computer, just visit the Full Episodes section of the site accessible via the navigation menu at the top of the site.

We are actively working to add additional TV providers to this service. Check back at a later time to see if your provider has been included. A list of all shows with full episodes to watch can be found there.

As of 2009, the following shows can be seen in HD: and many others — can be downloaded at,, and i Tunes. Bravo sends updates every week with details about currently airing shows, including links to exclusive video clips, behind-the-scenes blogs written by cast members, and other articles on Bravo Follow the instructions for un-subscribing at the bottom of each message.

Or, follow the instructions on the unsubscribe page.

To find out for sure, and to determine what channel number has been assigned to Bravo in your area, check the channel listings provided by your local TV provider, or call your provider for the channel number.