Chat without joining

Though you can use a VPN service to protect your mobile data Unlike most chatting apps, the Fire Chat app doesn’t rely solely on Wi-Fi or data – it doesn’t even need a hotspot or centralized mobile network to relay data.

Instead, the app relies on peer-to-peer connections through wireless mesh networking via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, technology built in the phone.

The data sent through to these data towers or Wi-Fi hotspots are then relayed through a centralized network and eventually the messages or data is received.

The Fire Chat app allows users to stay connected off the grid. More recently, the Serval Project was developed Mesh networks are almost invulnerable.

Napster first used peer-to-peer technology to allow users to share music files.

Traditionally, users sent messages to each other through data or Wi-Fi networks.

The messages are sent through a mobile network to a hotspot or cell phone tower.

The researchers say there are many risks in group chats where the hacker has control of the server, because they can then manipulate who gets what messages, delete messages and more. The security researchers have argued that security protocols on group chats will need to be enhanced in light of the vulnerabilities pointed out by them.