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If the spell she requests has not yet been learned, she offers to sell it for 30 .The gate beyond the bridge does not open until the proper spell has been demonstrated for Faralda. Additionally, revealing one's Dragonborn-identity to Faralda causes her to ask for a Thu'um demonstration.

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Straight ahead lies the Hall of the Elements, the lecture hall of the College.

From the Hall of the Elements, the Arch-Mage's Quarters branches off on the left while The Arcanaeum, the College's library, branches off on the right.

However, this can be avoided if the Dragonborn travels directly to Septimus Signus' Outpost to pick up the next part of the quest there.

Before entering the College, the gatekeeper, Faralda, will wish to see a demonstration of the Dragonborn's magical powers.

The College of Winterhold is located just north of Winterhold, on a large cliff.