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The way Siri puts it, it’s as though Walmart drove mom-and-pop stores out of business “and then to top it off, went into the mom-and-pop shops and literally stole all of their products to be resold at Walmart.” It’s a tough time to be a mom-and-pop porn shop.

(Goldman Sachs distanced themselves from the two.) Colbeck’s funds were in turn secured from other firms including the troubled Fortress Capital, masking the Manwin association.

Having used the loan to continue to acquire tube sites and content producers, Thylman was then extradited from Belgium to Germany in 2012 for tax evasion on Manwin’s profits.

Now I can count the performers I know who The crash in the porn business provided Mind Geek with the opportunity to purchase high-profile porn content producers, including big names like Digital Playground (in 2012), at discounted rates, each of which themselves operate dozens of sites.* Alongside names like and Vivid, Mind Geek effectively came to control a huge amount of the mainstream “traditional” porn industry—the Hollywood-like production scene based in California’s San Fernando Valley, which has given us Jenna Jameson and Sasha Grey.

As Adult Empire director of business development Colin Allerton told the , “every major studio and star is now partnered with Mind Geek or has worked for a studio that Mind Geek purchased.” Since then, industry workers have been in the difficult situation of seeing their work pirated on sites owned by the same company that pays them—imagine if Warner Brothers also owned the Pirate Bay.

In 2009, the Secret Service seized $6.4 million from bank accounts controlled by Mansef, a company founded by Stephane Manos and Ouissam Youssef, the assets of which Mansef later sold to German tech investor Fabian Thylmann, who made them part of a company he owned called Manwin.