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Some friends also have very negative perspectives of the opposite sex and allow their emotions, whether it be anger, resentment, jealousy, etc. Since they are angry or upset because for example, an ex broke their heart, they may give you advice on what they would do to their ex if they had the chance, which probably wouldn’t be pretty.

Your Mother: Finally, your mother, as awesome as she may be, gives pretty bad advice about dating, especially to her sons.

In order to simplify baffling situations that invariably occur when we attempt to determine the suitability of another as a potential mate, society has conveniently created a set of rules that most people abide by.

Following established “dating Dos and Don’ts” may seem convenient on the surface, as it allows for predictability and clearer explanations when trudging through the dating mud.

She wants her boys to be respectful and treat women well.