Dating before divorce final christian

We need to be like the Bereans and search the Bible for ourselves to see if what is being confidently stated as truth is truth.

As I have checked out things that I have read or heard, I have found a lot of error being stated as truth in the church.

Marriage is more than a marriage certificate from the civil government. God says about the being made one aspect in Malachi : “And did not he make one? A couple may go to the church to get married, but they have to go to the civil government to get a divorce. Although divorce can end the legal aspect of a marriage, it cannot end the “one” aspect of the marriage which God has joined together.

Once divorce occurs, a person is not single again in God’s judgment, and therefore not free to marry another person even if their first spouse has remarried.

For instance, the assumption is often made that if a person living in a remarriage situation cannot be accepted as a member in the church, then a person who is divorced is not able to be able to be a member in the church either.