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"Going in I really wanted Mark," Alper explains on the show.

"He has experience in the technology space, and he has the connections that can really take Hater to the next level." Corcoran and guest investor Rohan Oza gave their congratulations to Cuban on Twitter.

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"In hindsight, it probably wasn't the smartest move, but I was all in." Now, that hustle is paying off as his venture is seeing interest from investors.

So far, Hater has raised $500,000 with an investment from the founders of mobile gaming company King, Alper says on "Shark Tank." And thanks to the show, the app has found a new supporter: Mark Cuban.

To win Alper over, Cuban touted his access to celebrity influencers who could help the app gain notoriety.

But Alper had been hoping for an offer from Cuban all along.

While traditional dating apps like Tinder encourage people to be all charm, smiles and sunshine, a new app named Hater is only focused on matching people that dislike the same things.