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True gentlemen only collected the finest porcelain, according to Wen – ie; porcelain made no later than 200 years before his time (early Ming or before).The ideal piece should be “as blue as the sky, as lustrous as a mirror, as thin as paper, and as resonant as a chime.” Wen and his peers emphatically believed in China’s past cultural superiority. Tags:art students, Bernard leach, Chinese Porcelain, Dale Carnegie, Dutch Masters, export ware, Imperial ware, Martha Stewart, Ming Dynasty, Treatise on Superfluous Things, Wen Zhenheng Posted in Bernard leach, blue and white, ceramic history, China, Dale Carnegie, Export wares, Imperial Wares, Martha Stewart, Ming Dynasty, Porcelain, pottery history, Treatise on Superfluous Things, Wen Zhenheng | Leave a Comment » First time visitors to the US often travel with (somewhat) irrational fears.

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We were certainly offered a generic overview of the ceramic spectrum, but the ultimate lesson remained. The pictures in Rhodes’ book and the resulting chatter around the studio were our gateway (there was no internet back then).

The Rhodes book had two images of early American pots; A sgraffito plate by Georg Hubener of Bucks County, PA, c.1790, and a mass-produced molded stoneware pitcher in the form of a waterfall or whatever by the American Pottery Company of Trenton, NJ, c.1840. There were (are) plenty of books about all sorts of pottery types. The range of early American (and European) pottery expression hit me only after some intense overseas time induced reflection on my own background. Tags:american pottery, American Pottery Company, Bernard leach, blue and white, Daniel Rhodes, Georg Hübener Posted in Bernard leach, blue and white, Bucks County, China, Daniel Rhodes, Early American Pottery, Earthenware, Georg Hubener, Imperial Wares, North America, pottery through the ages, salt firing, Song Dynasty, Stoneware | 3 Comments » We owe it all to Wen Zhenheng.

Most of the potters in the group, being of more or less the same generation, were taught that Asian porcelain was pottery’s culminating expression.

Anything outside that narrative – excepting modern pottery – was background (ie; easily dismissed).

He was over ten pounds when he was born and I think he got a little smashed. In addition, we now had Brad, the sweet baby at the bottom.

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    So the reason that we met is because of my mom."While Kathryn insists "we're not taking anything too seriously," the reality star did learn a few things from her time on In regards to dating someone that's in or out of the public eye, Kathryn doesn't have a preference. "As far as dating other people on reality TV, it's nice to be able to connect with someone who's been through a similar experience because they understand it whereas people who haven't been in your shoes in that way don't really understand what you did on TV.