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Even Web sites like e-Harmony and have become passé.

Instead of just going out alone or in pairs, a bunch of people -- roughly equal numbers of each sex -- engage in a social activity together.

The only clues that there could be something out of the ordinary taking place were a bright orange sign that said "Ignighter" and a large supply of blue drink tickets that were cycling through the crowd.

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Then came the Internet and, with it, sites like Team Dating.com, which has a concept similar to Ignighter's.

Team Dating's 40,000 members are concentrated mostly in urban areas and field teams that average three people.

The group is given a name, a members' photo is montaged together from the individual ones that have been submitted (creating a sort of artificial group picture), information about the group is filled in, and a link to everyone's Facebook profile is inserted. And this is where it becomes a bit different from your typical singles event. Any individual in the group can ask another group out on a date, but everyone in the group goes, eliminating some of the awkwardness that plagues singles events.

Group-dating came on the scene in 1998 with 8at8, a service that sets up dinner dates with four men and four women and now has 25,000 members in six major metropolitan areas.

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