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Researchers claim that this method is accurate to ±5 bpm.

Webcams may be installed at places such as childcare centres, offices, shops and private areas to monitor security and general activity.

A webcam is a video camera that feeds or streams its image in real time to or through a computer to a computer network.

By removing the IR filter of the webcam, IR LEDs can be used, which has the advantage of being invisible to the naked eye, removing a distraction from the user.

Track IR is a commercial version of this technology.

This can be applied to games, providing additional control, improved interactivity and immersiveness.

Free Track is a free webcam motion-tracking application for Microsoft Windows that can track a special head-mounted model in up to six degrees of freedom and output data to mouse, keyboard, joystick and Free Track-supported games.

Webcams have been used for augmented reality experiences online.

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