ntp not updating ubuntu - Firefox not updating automatically

Do that and there will be no Chrome updates at all.a) The simplest way is to rename the Update folder that contains Google Update.exe, the folder should be in Program Files (x86)\Google or Program Files\Google.

Change Update to something slightly different, such as Update_.

So after the Chromium developers update, Ubuntu developers then take a look at it to see how it works with Ubuntu and makes any necessary modifications.

Here we show you how to disable automatic updates for a few common applications.

Important: A lot of software is updated regularly to fix security issues and you leave your system more vulnerable by not using the latest version.

Chrome won’t auto update and shows an error if you go to the About window.

Rename the folder back to Update to re-enable updates.b) The second option is to block Chrome from accessing the update server either by blocking it in your firewall or adding an entry in the Windows HOSTS file.

Most Windows installs will have a fair amount of software installed, even light users will have a few programs to do the bare essentials.