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The location deep into the mountains is remote, but it's also gorgeous once you arrive.

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Fortunately, those that make the effort to come will at least be rewarded with low prices all around, which certainly help make up for the other frustrations of visiting. Hostels seem to be getting cheaper lately, so it's even more appealing for the backpacker set.

Sofia remains a good bargain among European capitals, with a very pleasant city center that is quite welcoming of foreign tourists.

Still, our estimates are based on a lot of research, and should be very close if not right on.

Costs for each city We've added an interactive map that shows the Backpacker Index price for each city as you roll over it with your cursor.

If your budget is higher than that of a backpacker you should check out our: Europe 3-Star Traveler Index The above list shows some significant shifts for some cities on the list below, indicating that certain destinations are better bargains than others, depending on your style of travel.