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We hold meetings once to twice a month at various locations in the Bronx.For more information contact Luz or Esther at 347-328-7470 or 347-328-7473.

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The group is an intentional multicultural space, but all queer and transgender people are welcome.

This group will provide a space to exchange information, get support, eat good food, have fun, build community, and take some time to imagine and discuss the journey of building queer families.

It is their hope to build networks of resources and community support for adoptive families in their communities. We are basically Family Equality Council, serving the local members in the Tri-State-Area by offering get togethers and activities for families and friends for Family Pride.

The PARC program supports families through crisis intervention, short term case management, information, referrals, education and support groups. South Minneapolis, MN 55407 Phone: 612.871.0118Fax: 612.870.2403• District 202 Center of GLBT Youth1601 Nicollet Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55403Phone: 612-871-5559Website: Same-sex Parents Association for Raising Kids (SPARK) is dedicated to provide support for children of non-traditional families by teaching our kids to embrace diversity and have respect for themselves and others. We are not a chapter organization, but are merely trying to meet the needs of our members and LGBT families by offering more opportunities to connect with other LGBT families.

Front Range Gay Fathers (FRGF) is a family-oriented organization that understands the challenges of and welcomes two father couples/single gay fathers and their children wanting to build friendships, socialize, support, grow and promote our well-being with other like-minded families in a fun-focused and comfortable environment.

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    “This change broadens the scope,” says Horizons’ Director of Service Coordination, Amy Ibarra, “and could double the number of people who can receive services.” There are over 600 neurological conditions, including autism, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, polio, brain and spinal cord injuries.

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    Out of curiosity, I asked him once if he wanted to go back into investment banking after business school. “Sometimes you push through deals that aren’t always the best for the clients,” he explained.

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    After Spain sent Columbus on his first voyage to the New World in 1492, other explorers followed.

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    In the end of each event, participants let the organizers know who are the people they would like to get to know better.