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The boys beat Doc Johnson in the lighting contest without Tim's help. Meanwhile on is the subject of a local TV report, and sick Jill is not pleased with the reporter's advances toward Tim.

On Heidi Tim and Jill are squaring off in a tank-driving competition on an obstacle course. Tim is impressed by the reporter because of her fascination of tools.

Even though Wilson says Tim shouldn't feel that way because Tim and Jill are soul mates, Tim decides to make a fool of himself by discussing "Madama Bovary" with Jill's friends.

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Bonnie Bartlett [ Lucille ], Dick O'Neill [ Art Leonard ], Vasili Bogazianos [ Antonio ] Tim's mother goes out with his high-school shop teacher, Art Leonard, but Tim and Jill go to a restaurant and discover Art with a younger woman.

Tim ruins Art's appearance on Heidi, Harry, Marty, Benny After a burglary at Wilson's, Jill allows Tim to go all out in buying a fancy security system for their home.

On Bud, Heidi, Harry, Marty, Benny Tim gets a good deal on Pistons season tickets from Bud but doesn't consult with Jill before buying them for over $4000.

That gives him a "look" from Jill, the same Harry gets from his wife at the hardware store.

Brad tries to buy the answers to a test from Jason but doesn't know that Tim has installed a video camera outside the house.