How to look quietly intimidating

In History, Nigel was working with Year 8 on how Hitler rose to power.English – Becky was working through a poem on the board with Year 11 annotating with them and in Sue’s class her Year 12 were working on feedback to an essay.It really is a great way to engage with some of the great blogs that are out there.

In the Preface, Mary begins by stating that women have a lot to celebrate in the last 100 years yet in terms of equality there are still frustrations and Mary states that this is embedded in the perception of women within Western culture.

Key Points: There is an excellent review of the book found here: https:// If you would like to read it, I have a copy and happy to lend it out.

Back last year we all enjoyed the Teaching and Learning Market-place, we shopped for bookmarks on some top tips to use in our lessons.

We were encouraged to try out the ideas and to use the bookmarks.

If you have tried out a new idea, why not write a short blog about it and send it to me to post here.