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The historic Native American tribes in the area at the time of European encounter spoke different languages of the Algonquian family. Later they were joined by refugee tribes from eastern regions including the Delaware who settled in the White and Whitewater River Valleys.He returned the following year to learn about the region.Nearing the end of the stage, the people developed highly productive cultivation and adaptation of agriculture, growing such crops as corn and squash. The Mississippian culture emerged, lasting from 1000 until the 15th century, shortly before the arrival of Europeans.

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In 1732 Sieur de Vincennes built a second fur trading post at Vincennes.

French Canadian settlers, who had left the earlier post because of hostilities, returned in larger numbers.

In 1715 Sieur de Vincennes built Fort Miami at Kekionga, now Fort Wayne.

In 1717, another Canadian, Picote de Beletre, built Fort Ouiatenon on the Wabash River, to try to control Native American trade routes from Lake Erie to the Mississippi River.

French-Canadian fur traders soon arrived, bringing blankets, jewelry, tools, whiskey and weapons to trade for skins with the Native Americans.

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