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Then you go to bed…one in underwear, the other in sweats. Sleep takes over and you wake up the next day and do something similar all over again. I think this happens for a couple of different reasons, but I think the primary general factor that it all falls under is when complacency takes the guise of comfort. Of course you want to feel comfortable in any relationship.

You want to feel like you can let your walls down and be who you really are with the person that you love.

One of you belches without covering their mouth, the other one passes gas loud enough to disturb the birds in the tree outside. You put the dishes in the sink, maybe one of you washes them, maybe you don’t. Maybe not to the extreme that I painted, but most do.

Afterwards you both go to your separate activities: playing games, folding laundry, watching more stupid tv, surf the internet. You took a wrong turn somewhere and mired yourself into the muck, and now you’re spinning your wheels deeper and deeper. We hit that wall where the two of you don’t have much time for each other because you both work, or the fatigue from the day to day has gotten to the point where the amount of effort that you want to expend to impress each other has fallen dangerously low.

But here’s the thing…it’s when we take that comfort for granted, when we stop appreciating the fact that it’s there, that we really need to start looking for the alarm bells. You start with letting your partner see your emotionally vulnerable side.