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[Read: 15 highs and lows of dating someone way smarter than you] #2 Strategic.

INTJ women see things from many different perspectives. This is why when it comes to strategy, they are exceptional.

And often, they even like the mental “orgasms” of talking for hours compared to the downright sensations of being physical. INTJ women are picky, and so it’s hard to buy them gifts.

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Between being observant and borderline critical, they can really say things that not everyone wants to hear. They make up their own mind, and therefore, they will do what they set their mind to.

But you know what—they expect the same from others too. More often than not, it’s difficult for them to be swayed into another direction – other than their rigid decision.

They are not known to be impulsive, so be prepared to wait for an answer from them.

Any decision would require them to analyze, strategize, and cover all angles and bases.

They use their cerebral minds and creative imagination to foresee potentials in the future, and therefore, plan contingencies and predict possible scenarios. Because of the way their mind works, they are be critical and analytical, to the point of perfectionism.