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And while a doctor probably can't do something that outrageous, she can -- and will. I say, ' The proof is in the pudding.' The guy is dying. I'll do whatever I can to take him back from that place." The comment, however, which was aired before a studio audience during a taping last week, ultimately did not make the final cut and will not be seen by television viewers.

As for her comment about provocative clothing made on another upcoming episode, she says on the show that women certainly should not be targeted for what they wear.

Michaels soon turns the spotlight on the wives as well.) Asked over lunch whether she crossed the line with her "blow your brains out" comment, Michaels is unapologetic.

She said she did it to shake the man up and make him realize that he was slowly committing suicide while his family looked on helplessly.

Michaels said she is still adjusting to daytime television, but says she is thrilled with the more expansive format.