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Reading this essay might be a good idea for any of her future bed partners or doctors so they’re not too shocked.

“I fucking love white people” Irby claims in the essay “Milk and Oreos.” However, Irby does have certain standards.

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Irby also writes about finding true love in a way that both surprises her and delights her.

In We Are Never Meeting in Real Life Irby also offers her application to The Bachelorette, her trip to Nashville and needing a new job. in Bloggers, Blogging, Blogs, Book Reviews, Books, Culture, Death, Diversity, Essays, Family, Feminism, Food, Friendship, Health and Wellness, Humor, Meaty, Memoirs, Money, Non-Fiction, On-Line Dating, Parenthood, Politics, Public Schools, Rants, Relationships, Restaurants, Romance, Samantha Irby, Sex, Teenagers, Television, Uncategorized, Workplace and Careers ≈ 2 Comments If Samantha Irby didn’t exist we’d have to invent her. Irby is a Chicago-based writer and performer who writes a blog called “Bitches Gotta Eat.” She’s hosted Chicago’s “Sunday Night Sex Show” and performed at various shows throughout the Windy City.

She also gives us a list of 13 questions to ask before getting married. She also opened up for comedian Baratunde Thurston on his “How to Be Black” tour and wrote an advice blog with her writing partner Ian Belknap.

My only quibble with We Are Never Meeting in Real Life? Oh, and with all of that on her plate, Irby also works regular job.

“Nell in a Hand Basket” would make great “must-see TV.” And speaking of black women on TV, Irby doesn’t take Lena Dunham to task for not having a whole lot of black folks on her HBO show “Girls” in the essay “Elena Tyler.