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Also, I think oldies are the best type of music.can understand what they're saying, and there are always great stories told within the lyrics.

Also the dancing that went along with oldies wasn't so provocative. It was what the man was looking for and I think we know what happened next.

the lyrics dont say anything about anything even relatively important that still connects to the lyrics. Imagine hearing this sound everyday and never being able to get out of there. That is all.don't post unless you know what your talking isn't about johnny cash's experience. Johnny was an original and there's no one comparable to him. Okay, I Cant See How Anyone Would Sit There And Say This Song Is Racsis when Its Not! Johnny was not the bad ass that his songs portrayed him to be.johnny cash wrote this AFTER!!!

i think it was a bad idea for them to give me this song. Imagine paying your dues to society with never knowing if you will ever get out. he wrote this song well before he got busted for anything. he wrote this song while he was in europe with the army. It definitly think that he had his brother in mind during the writting of mos songs. johnny would have never Been as successful as he is today. I see a lot of people reacted to the email from FNL. N THOSE TWO PPL FUCK NUTZ LICKERS MOTHER AN FUCK NUTS LICKER..?? This Song was Written Way Before This Guy Came Along and Said This He Dont Know Johnny's Life! HE was out of jail and OFF the pain killers he was addicted to.kept getting letters from prisoners there and wrote a song for them..pretty sure he wasnt jailed in folsom prison to begin with..

I find it hard to believe that someone would write such trash and post it on a site that is visible for all. why people feel the need to say and do stupid things which help no-one is beyond me.