Local nast chat lines totaly free with no credit card

" I hung up before it finished & reported it to the National Do Not Call registry- www-donotcall-gov default-aspx No one answers the phone and this is the number that is given on credit card when they charged - to my credit card They promised to reduce my interest but I think this is a scam the company name is Northern Network INC from FLI have received several calls a day for the past several days from this number - to my fax machine- No fax was ever sent but yesterday, it did tie up my line for a long time-I finally called the number today and was told they were trying to get in touch with a John Smith,come on, really?

Local nast chat lines totaly free with no credit card-75

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a month now but still I can't afford it without help from my family which they have to put off paying bills which they already had a vehicle repossessed and yet constantly being turned down by social security is harsh I hae now way to pay any debit collected upon me so I block all calls like these that I ho they are fom- It is too much a hassle having to file harrassment suits over one person who is out to collect from me after it was wrote off by small claims court years ago Laura from Ohio Premier called to offer my son a job- She said it was full or part time- When I asked the nature of the work she said it is a health and wellness company- She gave her work hours and requested that my son call her back- When I told my son of this call he said his two best friends at college also got the call and that it is bogus, but I do not know why They call or times a day- ID said unknown caller- They never leave a message- I called it back ,it was automated," Said I will conect you-" "Then said no one is avalable to take your call-" Why can someone call from the # and on one be there to take your call- I hate stupid people that call and call and leave no mesage- Why bother to call in the first place I also received a text message from a "Kris ross" who said they found me on care-com and we're looking for a babysitter for their cousin who was relocating to the area- When I emailed the supposed cousin it was very obvious it was a scam from their inability to use correct English and their unwillingness to answer questions- beware Someone from this number called my brother and said I was being investigated- When I called the number he insisted on having my lawyer call him- I asked him to please tell me who he was working for but he started screaming at me- The scary part was he had had personal details about my credit and my brother's phone number- He mentioned Cash America who I am sure I do not owe money to- This definetley sounds like a fraud Lewisville Tracy Electric is an electrical contractor in Lewisville, NC and all the surrounding areas- Electrician, Electrical Contractor, Commercial Electrician, Electrical Repair, Electrical Repair Servicethis one is confusing, its possible that they called another family member and just asked for the number for where your staying and it was given to them, but its also possible that they just pulled an accurate on you family (an accurante provides all the names and number and addresses of your immediate family(parents siblings) as well as secondary (aunts uncle cousins) some times even your neighbors or work associates, i do feel is a great invasion of privacy but these companies pay to have this info avail to find you, as far as making the calls stop, you have to say you don't live there and that you have no phone of you own, it might stop them but only temporally Somebody called me through this number pretending to be my cousin from Mexico, he kept asking me "guess who am I ?

" I kept asking him who he was and never once did he told me what his name until he hanged up the phone - This person calling is a not a person to trust,_- don't give then money or personal information- For your own safety A Ms- Kaufman called my son and told him she was from our local county court and that I needed to contact them immediately regarding a court matter- I called the number (,) and reached a Brad Owens who said he was a mediator for a debt I owed and his company name was M & S Recovery- He said the debt was and they would settle for and he could raise my credit score by almost points- He said if I didn't pay the debt they would be taking me to court for "theft of services"- When I asked him about Ms- Kaufman he said they didn't have anyone there by that name Received several calls from this number (but I don't answer any calls where I don't recognize the number)-Seeing the first log under this number, I suspect that it is election polling- I'll answer next timemy husband got a text message using phone with the same email address email He was asking for my husbands Paypal information so he could send money and his agent will be picking up the car for his vacation in canada, what a scam- We just ignored him but I am going to report that email GE INTEG ?

Selling a security system- They are located at Mile Rd-, Livonia, MI - And , is their main number- Their website is integsecurity-com new-system - I called the number back, and a recording with classical music playing in the background stated, "Your call is very important to us, please stay on the line-" At times, it gives you the option to press for more info or to be placed on their 'do not call list'- Pressing simply disconnects you from the call and nothing else-Report them here:www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov #&panel-esupport-fcc-gov ccmsforms form-actioncomplaints-donotcall-gov complaint complaintcheck-aspx?

panelwww-consumerfinance-gov complaint The best way to get rid of these people is to show them telemarketing doesn?

they had already charged the first payment before i even answered the phone Not sure who your carrier is, but I have Verizon and called to report this issue- They gave me the number for their "Unlawful Call Center-" It is , They're closed now, but I'm going to call back tomorrow- Their hours are : a-m- to : p-m- Hope this information helps Been calling so much- This number is disconnected and no longer in service as of August , - I wish I could spoof them- So it's been blocked or forwarded to a number that is busy can't remember which one- It just doesn't ring at my house Number shows up on CID as "unavailable"- Turns out to be a Debt Relief Tax Mortgage Loans company that is located in Annapolis, MD- It also has several other names listed, (i-e-, Benefit MD Corp-, AIQ Morgage Brokers), but they all have the same number & are all the same type company Caller from this number said they were from Verizon Wireless and needed my PIN number to apply a payment to my bill- I called the number back on a private line and it is a number for Verizon- I talked to a rep there and let them know- Be wary - It seems that someone is spoofing this number Scam Scam Scam Recv'd basically same call: Message Stating I had been approved for my (non existent) loan request for ,- Extreemely thick indian accent, using my legal first name (which I never use unless I absolutely have too) and he couldnt even pronounce my last name correctly- msgs in hrs from different #'s- Fortunately I was @ work Called left no message- I called the number back and of course was told the call could not be completed interesting- I don know people in the Laughlin, NV area which is why I called the number back so I would say be careful with this number calling you They called my work phone this morning and claimed to be from "radio station STAR -" That is not STAR 's number- They were trying to get my first and last name for a "retirement drawing-" I asked how they got this number, and they replied from a directory- I just hung up on them I recieved a call from Eric Foster # , but the return # he gave me was , he said y friend had commited fraud and to give her the message to call him is this something i should be weary of?