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Version 9.5, codenamed Kestrel (after the Kestrel falcon), was released to span the gap between Opera 9.2 and Opera 10.

though the classic skin was still available as a user preference. Opera's mail client, Opera Mail, has been updated, with an improved indexing feature and many bugfixes.

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In 2003, was configured to present Opera browsers with a style sheet used for old versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The outdated style sheet that Opera received caused Opera to move a significant amount of's content 30 pixels to the left of where it should be, distorting the page and making it appear as though there was a bug in Opera.

In the newer versions the user was allowed a choice of generic graphical banners, or text-based targeted advertisements provided by Google based upon the page being viewed.

Users could pay a license fee to remove the advertisement bar.

In November 2004, Opera Software sent an electronic message to Microsoft, complaining that Opera users were sent an incomplete Java Script file when using Hotmail (now