Muslim dating websites in chicago do online dating services work

Sadia is so quick to respond, which I really appreciate! I want to thank the Beyond Chai team for helping me find my wife.

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I'm very appreciative and grateful for her efforts. The service that they provide is simply unique and unlike anything else that I have come across in North America.

They seek out quality candidates that are compatible for each individual, and vet and validate to ensure that each match is a fit for a specific person.

Beyondchai is an exceptional program, where many individuals, like Saman, have connections to Muslim families throughout the country and are able to help Muslims who are single complete half their Deen by finding their lifetime companion.

This is a tremendous task, and I'm grateful that Beyondchai has taken up this endeavor in a much needed time Masha Allah.

Keep up the good work." My first consultation over the phone with Saman was really thorough.