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Cyber Guides and Mission Control will periodically review the Discussion Forums and Team Talk.

e CYBERMISSION staff are always present during Cyber Guide Live Chats.

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Cyber Guides will do their best to respond to Team Talk requests within 3 days of posting a question and are asked to check the forums weekly.

If you have not received a response within a timely fashion, please contact the Volunteer Program at [email protected] They can answer questions about the competition and direct teams to useful sources of information.

The top three scores in each grade in each region will advance to the Regional Judging event.

The Regional Judging Panel will review and score these mission folders. [Back to top] As a community member, what can I do to support the competition?

Virtual Judges enter a score for each of the three judging criteria, which combine for a total Mission Folder Score of up to 500 points.