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But there are a few smart things and dumb things to do that’ll definitely make a difference to your life. When you break up with your sweetheart, you’d start to love sad, heart wrenching songs, and beautiful views of empty walls and half empty glasses. [Read: Signs your ex is thinking about you] #7 Avoid places and activities that make you miss being a couple. [Read: 20 dirty questions to ask a guy over text and seduce him] #9 Party.

What to do after a break up There are no right things or wrong things to do after a break up. Now that you’re free, stick your ass or front up against someone sexy on the dance floor, indulge in the things you love and get your own life back out of the closet. Just so you know, red hearts have buckets of blood in them. Get in touch with all the right people who make you feel all sexy and fuzzy inside and continue the conversation where you left off.

“We can’t say certain things, because it’s really hard to take it back.” “I really was just acting like a hothead. “Long story short, I was acting a bit immature, and I said a few things that weren’t appropriate.

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“She was single, you were single, and you just love to have a partner in crime to go out with,” Kim told Kourtney. That’s like, a convo she should have with me.” Khloé advised her sister to have a conversation with Shepherd, and the two women finally sat down. I’m uncomfortable, she’s uncomfortable, I just don’t know what to say …

“I kind of looked up and they were BFF, or ‘wifeys.’ ” But the closeness between Shepherd and Kourtney made things awkward for Kim, who learned from her sister that Shepherd had admitted to feeling “unfulfilled job-wise.” “I do think it’s inappropriate for her to talk to you and not to me,” Kim said. but I don’t have the time to dance around not being confrontational anymore,” Kim said. I don’t want to be that pushover person.” But a little honesty goes a long way — after their talk, Kim agreed to let Shepherd take on bigger roles in her companies.

“Anyways, you are a class act.” “She’s finally doing something for herself,” Khloé added later.

“And I’m just proud of her for having fun.” As for Kourtney?

It’s super suspicious.” Kourtney informed her that she and Disick had gotten into a “full war” over the trip.