Okcupid dating persona test the priss

Based on data gathered by the site, users essentially equated “looks” and “personality” as being the same thing.

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We focused on general sites that include all types of singles, but also included our best pick for focused dating that caters to specific groups of people.

We also added Tinder and plan to review more dating apps in the future.

And in the case of the last experiment, it did the opposite.

Rudder can say what ever he likes — “that’s how websites work” — but when those experiments defy the site’s original goal and tarnish the user experience, that’s not just manipulation on a large-scale, it’s outright .

Unsurprisingly, people engaged with the site less overall, but they also interacted with one another online differently: People responded to initial messages 44% more often than normal, and they exchanged phone numbers or email addresses more quickly.