Peter andre dating polly

As one of the country's leading dressage riders with a clutch of medals on his mantelpiece, he is the darling of the equestrian elite and hotly tipped as one of Britain's brightest hopes for the 2012 Olympics.At just 29 and blessed with an athletic frame and classic, chisel-jawed good looks, he has often appeared amid the rarefied pages of Horse and Hound and British Dressage.The truth is that their relationship couldn't be more innocent.

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Didn't they ever find Jordan's alcohol-fuelled life, her penchant for salacious dancing and obsession with baring her famous 32DD assets rather embarrassing? But because we had 35 people swarming around us, it made it look 10 times worse than it was." Ms Jordan and Mr Andre have made their fortune from living their lives in public.

In their latest reality show, filmed during their spell in the United States, cameras followed their every move.

''Katie doesn't talk about her marriage.'' What has upset the Goulds most has been the manner in which their friends and family have been harassed. We've been together since we were 17.''''What is worrying," says Gould, "is the effect it could have on my business.

''Someone contacted all my Facebook friends, offering them money for stories about our marriage,'' Polly says. It's worrying that potential clients might be put off, that they might think: 'Oh, I don't want to get involved in all that.'''And then there have been the pictures.'' Snaps of Gould looking manly in his riding breeches have been splashed everywhere.

''I got asked if I wanted to meet Pete and I replied: 'I don't think Pete would want to talk to me.' Astonishingly, that turned into a headline saying I want to see him, man to man.''This past week, for the Goulds, has been a classic case of what happens when the worlds of celebrity and normal family life collide.