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This made them vulnerable in combat situations), the anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM, or anti-tank missiles) these helicopters carried were equally inadequate.

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Several derivatives of the HJ-10 have also been developed by China, they are all believed to be in limited service with the Chinese military for evaluation purposes.

The development of the HJ-10 took more than two decades, equal to that of the WZ-10, the platform designed to carry the missile.

As a result, military sales of the company increased the original ¥ 30 million in 2003 to ¥ 20 billion in 2006. Li had shown his talent dating back two decades when he was rapidly promoted to project manager and the general designer of various research projects shortly after he joined the 203rd Research Institute.

These research projects eventually became many subsystems of the HJ-10.

Other research projects eventually became subsystems of the HJ-10 included technological achievements in target tracking for the seeker, imaging, IR scanning, guidance control and autonomous TV seeker, all of which were achieved without any foreign help.