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His Van Sant’s new book is an entirely different breed of cat; it is a collection of vignettes and observations from the author’s early career as an engineer in Europe and Asia, to his experiences aboard his 52-foot ketch Jalan Jalan and his last boat, , a Schucker 440 trawler.The great irony of Van Sant’s life is that he abandoned his “normal” career only after doctors misdiagnosed the seriousness of a little known genetic ailment and told him he only had five to 10 years to live. pieces, under a theme I call “The Wit and Wisdom of Bruce Van Sant.” Each excerpt has a headline that is mine and mine alone and based solely on the context of the abridged text, not necessarily the entirety of its chapter within the 240-page book.

Shown here in the popular latin music video "Una Vaina Loca." POPULATION: 430,000 WEATHER: Dry and sunny (24-37 °C).

SAFETY: Reports of piracy off the coast, so be careful if you're arriving on a yacht (also, fuck you if you're arriving on a yacht). RENT AN APARTMENT IN MARGARITA ISLAND: Best bet for renting an apartment on Margarita Island is to go in with some roommates if you're planning an extended stay.

Charlie had sunk a little too deep in a bottle of Barbancourt when he turned into the Turks Passage. When he ran into the Salt Cay breakwater, Charlie broke three ribs.

His Haitian crew, Oclané, had lain sleeping on a stack of rice sacks near the stern, and he had come adrift into the string bags of onions and bushels of slightly overripe tomatoes.

This will be easier if you are muscular, rich, and/or fluent in Spanish or Portuguese.***ONLINE DATING: Latin American Cupid allows you to talk with girls and set up dates you arrive in the country. Hooking up Margarita island with a fine girl shouldn't be too tough.