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Attribute: Fire, Level 8This card gets 500 Atk and Def for every spell and trap card on the field.

This card won't leave the field once the turn is over.

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Neo Spacian Gaia Mole (Can only be summoned by using NEX)Atk: 1100 Def: 700. Ability: When this card battles against a monster, neither player takes any damage and then the opposing monster is returned to the deck which is then shuffled.

Neo Spacian Darkness Panther (Can only be summoned by using NEX)Atk: 1500 Def: 1000. Ability: Once per turn, until the end phase of the turn, this card can be treated as another monster and copy that monster's special abilities, this card also gains half of targeted monster's Atk.(SPOILERS FOR THE FINALE) A comedic sequel that takes place after the events of the ARC-V anime. Life is always changing, and the four of them are going to try and figure things out together.

Elemental Hero Darkness Neos (Elemental Hero Neos Neo Spacian Darkness Panther)Atk: 2800 Def: 2500. When this card is successfully summoned, all the effects of all face up cards the opponent currently controls are negated and will remained negated for as long as this card remains on the field.

Elemental Hero Neos the Dragonic Warrior (Elemental Hero Neos a level 6 or above Dragon ,both must be on the field)Atk: 3300 Def: 2800. Special ability 1: By removing Elemental Hero Neos from the graveyard, this card then negates the effects all the cards currentlyon the field other than itself.

Then target one opposing monster and that monster loses Atk equal to half of Elemental Hero Neos's Atk Special ability 2: By removing the dragon type fusion material from the game, Neos the Dragonic Warrior gain Atk points equal to the dragon type material's original Atk as long as he remains on the field.

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