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Summons (pdf) Summons (pdf fillable) You can request this injunction when you file your papers.

The injunction prevents both you and your spouse from doing the following while the divorce case is going on: You will be legally prevented from doing all of the above things as soon as the Joint Preliminary Injunction is issued by the Clerk.

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There is a FREE DIVORCE CLASS where you can learn the basics of divorce law and court procedures. You can also visit the Divorce Overview and Custody Overview pages for an overview of the law and the legal requirements to file for divorce in Nevada.

Classes are available to anyone, regardless of income, and regardless of whether you have an attorney. There is an automated divorce interview available that will complete your forms for you after you answer some questions about what you want to request.

Es Dios mismo hablándonos para aliviar nuestras cargas y preocupaciones.

Make sure you understand the basic divorce concepts before filling out any forms.

To use the automated interview, please visit the Complaint for Divorce page.