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Some organizations now offer online support groups, discussion boards, blogs, and online communities as additional ways to connect with others in similar situations.

Diners find such menu favorites as steak and potatoes, mac and cheese, burgers and fries, and old fashioned baked pies.

A girl of 18 years of Reggio Emilia, after an "online sex session" with a stranger, present her "whatsapp" to another girl, is being intimidated by the man who threatens to spread unmistakable movies and pictures of the girl, if she had not accepted a live encounter between the two in a hotel in the Emilian town.

Within a month of anonymity by 18enne, she still lives in the nightmare that something of that "damned evening" born out of boredom, ends up in the net and swears that she will never do such a stupid thing in her life again.

One victim said her caller ID indicated the call originated in Antigua or Barbuda (area code 268).

Authorities said the suspect included false items on her clients' tax returns, including bogus charitable contributions, capital losses, and unreimbursed employee expenses--such as meals and transportation expenses.