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Barbarism and lawlessness have succumbed tothe master mind, and law and order have gradually evolvedthe home, the family, the society, the community and thenation of the nineteenth century. The mythical gods have disappeared fromthe realm of thought, and the not more substantial butdecidedly less objectionable god of the present age hasarisen in their place.

"Even as the religious master ruled the nations of earthin the olden time, so in a milder more beneficent way arethe people of to-day controlled; the bonds of ignoranceand superstition are rapidly giving way under the researchof science and the investigation of skepticism.

This book is incomplete because the copy we were working from had 2 leafs removed (4 pages). Bird as presiding officer the club struck the bull's eyeof fitness.

If you would like to verify the text below, please download a PDF of the scanned pages. At the first regular session of the Chestnut Club, or Chicago, Mr. He was a man of broad views and correspond-ing physique, was well read, much traveled, full fed andballasted in both pocket and brain; had studied for theministry, and as he expressed it, narrowly escaped thespoiling of a first-class drummer through the lefthandedbias of the gospels; was posted in parliamentary rules; apolished gentleman, and as serene in temper as the pro-verbial pig in clover.

So overjoyed was the man that he awoke,and found that same finger in to the third joint whereanother of his members had much better been. Jones ̶ ̶ A parson of the olden time once rose in his pulpit and said.