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Some individuals with ASD may have limited cognitive abilities compounded with communication difficulties that affect their capacity to navigate sexuality education and sexual behavior (Hellemans et al., 2010; Travers & Tincani, 2010).Therefore, when designing an individualized sexuality education program, consent of the participant must be considered, including that of those with ASD who are deemed incompetent to grant consent.

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With few studies available, the rate of sexual abuse perpetrated against individuals with ASD is relatively unknown.

However, Sevlever, Roth and Gillis (2013), describe a rate that is similar to the typical population, at approximately 12%.

Co-author: Emily Martinello With education and experience, typically developing people comprehend the idiosyncratic, underlying meanings of social behavior (i.e.: body language, sarcasm, personal boundaries, etc.).

However, due to social deficits inherent in a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), people with ASD may not have the same ability.

Individual involvement in program development and promotion of the individuals’ rights that are parallel to their desires and needs must be obtained/considered.