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SUPER easy to walk (even in a kayak) and the rattles are a great addition!

From: Comments: I'm with Richard, how can people not walk this thing? in Sexy Shad specifically to fish cold-water Smallmouth in Northern Wisconsin.

Fished 3 mornings in a row with below 40 degree air temps and absolutely smoked BIG Smallmouth. What I love is how you can vary the cadence with extreme ease. walks better than any other walk-the-dog type lure I have.

You can slow it way down and it sweeps wide side-to-side or speed it up for a nice tight walking action. I was fishing it with a 13 Fishing Omen 7'6 MH on 50 lb Sufix Braid for reference. From: Comments: I'm not exactly sure how the below people are having trouble walking this bait. It's very easy to switch up between wide and narrow walks.

I like the little version of this lure because it walks very easy and casts far. From: Comments: Won a club event last fall on the Ghost Minnow after owning it ony a couple weeks...