Jan 26 67 21 3113.2 "Tomorrow is Yesterday"[TOS1]22. Feb 9 67 22 3156.2 "The Return of the Archons"[TOS1]23.


And finally, everything including the Virgo Cluster is moving toward a region known as the Great Attractor, which is the core of a supercluster of galaxies.

It contains tens of thousands of times the mass of the Milky Way.

Oct 20 67 35 4202.9 "The Doomsday Machine"[TOS2] 48. This has the benefit of preventing the potential flub.

Jan 19 68 48 4307.1 "The Immunity Syndrome"[TOS2]68. Feb 16 68 52 Unknown "Patterns of Force"[TOS2] (not 2534 - see notes below)61. However, in reviewing an episode transcript, no stardate can be found! I've thus re-marked the episode as "unknown", and placed it in airing-order position. (Personally, I think it works out rather well now . Similarly, "A Piece of the Action" showed up after "I, Mudd" and "The Trouble with Tribbles", again making a trilogy of comic episodes.

Below, I present Star Trek (TOS) by stardate, just for kicks. Dec 8 66 13 2817.6 "The Conscience of the King"[TOS1] 16.