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The 80-minute comedy, written by Israela Margalit and directed by John Clancy, is a spirited romp through a series of dating vignettes.Having begun life as a one-act, the play won Margalit plaudits at the New York International Midtown Theater Festival and the New York Short Play Festival, and was subsequently fleshed out into a full-length, eclectic meditation on life and love.

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Somehow, just to survive I guess, I started to write. The final scene, as was pointed out in rehearsals, that’s the only couple that really makes it: the old folks in bed. Afterwards, the women turn it around, and start to make the rules. It’s not just ‘Get Me a Guy,’ it’s ‘Get Me the Right Guy.’ It’s not ‘Get Me Some Woman to Date,’ but ‘Get Me the Perfect Woman.’ —I think it’s a wonderful piece of theatricality, of television, of movies.

They’re still scrapping—it’s not Romeo and Juliet by any means—but they’re there and together. One of the chorus lines is “It’s a male buyers market.” Do you think this holds true generally? But I did not really think about anything specific, I just sat down and wrote it. But the truth is—I’m sure it’s a universal truth, but it’s also very much a New York City truth.

And then once they’ve actually found somebody or a potential somebody, the philosophy that they’ll fight for it.

IM: And we all think that we deserve more than we deserve, and when we get what we deserve we tend to ruin it!

" But I've been with my girlfriend two and half years. But you'd be surprised—when people are on TV, they're willing to divulge information. [#image: /photos/5695b1f693ef4b09520e40bd]Was the show your concept? So I played a part in the writing of it and putting together the show. I think girls find it really vulnerable when they are doing like a goofy dance that you would only do in front of your friend. But the problem with sacrifice is I can't go, "Hey baby, just so you know, I don't want to be with you to watch this movie, but because I love you I'll be with you." Nobody speaks about this, but the silent treatment works because we love your love. That's why maybe we need to shed light on the way that we show love, so when you see our leg and us hobbling away afterward you'll be like, "He loves me.